"If functions are equated with cognition, pleasure is equated with emotion; today we want products that appeal to both cognition and emotion." – Donald Norman
UI/UX/IA/HCI Designer | Philadelphia, PA 19146
  • Biz & Lennie Title Screen (screenshot)

    Biz & Lennie

    Biz & Lennie is a 2-player cooperative game for Mac and PC. The story takes place in an abandoned laboratory that once belonged to a great inventor. Biz is a tiny robot that has been left behind in the laboratory. Lennie is a friendly house sparrow that is kind enough to help lead Biz to […]

  • bc_main


    ** Previously on display for if/then, a multidisciplinary design showcase. ** Bearcat is an electronic noise instrument. It is a light sensitive controller paired with a software instrument built in Max/MSP. This instrument outputs glitches, drones, and broken beats. Bearcat allows the user to load eight of their own audio samples onto the instrument. The […]

  • Blipa


    Blipᵃ is a little oscillator box that outputs alien-esque blips, bleeps, and other sci-fi sounds. This device pulls her sounds from a hacked calculator chip. Three knobs and two three-state switches allow for the user to harness control over the hacked chip to produce sounds. Throwing the switches will change the voice of the oscillator. […]

  • Shimmy Banner

    shimmy (iOS Tone Generator)

    shimmy is an intuitive sound generator that produces and modifies tones dependent on the way you move and how you orientate your iOS device. Simply shake, spin, rattle, and flip your mobile device to create a pocket-sized symphony. This app is designed for simplicity — it’s easy to get started and there are no rules to […]

  • Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 3.44.19 PM


    PIXELSKETCHER is an intuitive virtual drawing environment developed in Processing. The user and their machine draw sketches together, resulting in co-created digital artwork. This program is a tool designed for artists as a catalyst for creative meditation. There are several different modes of control and interaction, allowing for a unique sketch every time.     How is […]

  • iUArts (Banner)

    iUArts (Mobile Identification App)

    iUArts is a mobile application developed to provide staff and students at The University of the Arts with a digital identification solution. Users simply login with their UArts network account information to access their ID. After the user is logged in they are a swipe away from their list of scannable QR codes for the […]

  • Hooray! And welcome to a newly implemented simple, responsive user-interface for this design portfolio. Naturally, there is a brand-spanking-new blog element, amongst other features, in addition to the new portfolio layout. So keep on checking in for the latest updates! – WJC